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    The Tom and Teddy new Swim short range all hanging up in a row to show the super soft close up on the fabric and the detailed, bright patterns from turtles, pineapples, octopus, flamingos, palm trees and more

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    Tom & Teddy's, premium matching beachwear for father and son is fun, fresh and beautifully crafted with eye-catching colours and graphic motifs. Tom & Teddy specialise in super-soft, quick-dry and UV-protected boardshorts in a wide range of designs and we've recently introduced a new range of T-shirts and polo's to wear with your Tom & Teddy trunks for that perfect beach wardrobe!

    Atlantic Blue Boys AU$ 44.95
    Atlantic Blue Men AU$ 59.95
    Baked Orange Boys AU$ 59.95 AU$ 34.95
    Blue & Lime Turtles Men AU$ 99.95
    Blue & Lime Turtles Boys AU$ 59.95
    Blue & Orange Octopus Men AU$ 99.95
    Blue & Orange Octopus Boys AU$ 59.95
    Cayenne Men AU$ 74.95
    Cayenne Boys AU$ 49.95
    Chalky Blue Elephants Men AU$ 99.95
    Chalky Blue Elephants Boys AU$ 59.95
    Chambray Blue Men AU$ 59.95
    Chambray Blue Boys AU$ 44.95
    Cobalt Blue Seagulls Boys AU$ 59.95
    Cobalt Blue Seagulls Men AU$ 99.95
    Crystal Blue Pineapples Boys AU$ 59.95
    Dandelion Kangaroos Boys AU$ 59.95 AU$ 29.95
    Dark Blue & Sky Octopus Boys AU$ 59.95
    Deep Sea Coral Men AU$ 59.95
    Deep Sea Coral Boys AU$ 44.95
    Green & Blue Octopus Men AU$ 99.95 AU$ 59.95
    Green & Blue Octopus Boys AU$ 59.95 AU$ 34.95
    Ice Blue Seagulls Men AU$ 99.95
    Ice Blue Seagulls Boys AU$ 59.95
    Irish Green Pineapples Boys AU$ 59.95
    Island Green Men AU$ 59.95
    Island Green Boys AU$ 44.95
    Jade Green Pineapples Men AU$ 99.95 AU$ 69.95
    Jade Green Pineapples Boys AU$ 59.95 AU$ 39.95
    Mulberry Skin Men AU$ 119.95 AU$ 69.95
    Navy & Green Turtles Men AU$ 99.95
    Navy & Green Turtles Boys AU$ 59.95
    Navy & Orange Turtles Men AU$ 99.95