So Sun Safe: The Tom & Teddy Rash Top

Published 07 Mar, 2016

Not familiar with this essential piece of beachside clothing? Well it’s time to join the sun-safe brigade and snap up one of our UPF50+, t-shirt style rashies to protect your precious skin from all those hot and harmful rays.

Our journey into the world of rash tops began in 2014. Working with our factory, we researched the different fabrics, the cuts, the colours and the finishes. And then we kicked-off the design phase of our very own collection (with several weeks of sample testing and colour-swatching thrown in for good measure). The end result? Some seriously stylish, extremely wearable, superbly durable rash tops to complement our swim shorts and offer a total beach or poolside look.

A new-breed of rash top
If you’re already an enthusiastic rash-top wearer, the first thing you’ll notice with the Tom & Teddy version is that it’s not clingy or skin tight. Not that there’s anything wrong with skin-tight swimwear – rash tops were originally invented for surfers to protect them from abrasions from the sand and salt on their boards – they needed to sit close to the skin. But we’ve gone for a semi-fitted, t-shirt style garment that is easy to pull on and off, and flatters all body types. Wear it in or out of the water, all day long, because it dries quickly and has a silky inner lining for extra comfort.

The rash top that keeps on giving
On a final note of praise for our lovely new rash tops, you’ll be pleased to hear that they won’t go all baggy, saggy and over-sized. We chose a polyester/PBT blend of fabric that doesn’t absorb water and cannot be destroyed by the chemicals in your local pool. Saltwater doesn’t stand a chance either! Basically, a Tom & Teddy rash top will last a long, long time, providing that you take care of it properly and don’t leave it all rolled up at the bottom of your beach bag for days on end.

You’ll find them sitting pretty in our online shop – long sleeve or short sleeve, for men or for boys.