Men's Swim shorts Board shorts by Tom and Teddy Two men standing on the beach in our jungle print designs

Men's Swim Shorts

Premium Australian swimwear for men (and boys), made to the highest standards. Luxuriously soft and durable UV fabric in colourful, eye-catching prints for the perfect beach and poolside wardrobe. 

Blue & Lime Turtles Men AU$ 99.95
Navy & Green Turtles Men AU$ 99.95
Rose Flamingos Men AU$ 99.95
Chalky Blue Elephants Men AU$ 99.95
Ice Blue Seagulls Men AU$ 99.95
Cobalt Blue Seagulls Men AU$ 99.95
Blue & Orange Octopus Men AU$ 99.95
Yellow Elephants Men AU$ 99.95 AU$ 69.95
Turquoise Butterflies Men From AU$ 99.95 AU$ 69.95
Paprika & Blue Rowan Men AU$ 99.95 AU$ 69.95
Jade Green Pineapples Men AU$ 99.95 AU$ 69.95
Green & Blue Octopus Men AU$ 99.95 AU$ 59.95
Mulberry Skin Men AU$ 119.95 AU$ 69.95